Ascentic has recently been named one of the best workplaces in all of Asia, ranking 42 on the prestigious list and scoring a staggering 96% in the employee Trust Index. 

- It is incredibly honoring, says founder and CEO Anna Kalm, and a proof that our focus on building an outstanding company culture is giving results. We started the company with the goal of becoming Sri Lanka's best workplace, and for us it has always been as important to consider the work environment we are creating as the services we are offering our clients. This is a proof that we are on the right track, and I am so proud of our team and all we have achieved in a short time. 

The results in the prestigious Great Place to Work® survey were somewhat of a surprise to the organization, considering the timing after a pandemic year with strict lockdowns and limitations in face-to-face interactions and events. Having a Trust Index score of 92% in the beginning of 2019, the belief was that the pandemic would lower the number for the 2020 survey. With that context the results coming in during the spring of 2020 was a positive surprise – the score had not only remained high but even increased to an impressing 96%! 

- This really speaks to the fact that a culture is something that goes beyond the office walls of an organization – it’s about how we treat each other, how we make decisions and how we interact on a day-to-day-basis. With all the uncertainty and extra stress that the pandemic has brought to our lives, I’m so thankful to see the level of trust that our team has for us as an organization.  

Since the start in 2017 Ascentic has today grown to over 90 employees, mainly in Colombo, Sri Lanka, but they also have an office in Sweden. Ascentic caters mainly to the Swedish market, where the demand for skilled developers and IT professionals is high and growing. The focus on culture, where diversity, equality, flat hierarchy, and work-life balance is at the core, is something the founders have invested in from the start of the company. 

- Even before the pandemic, we have had a flexible working from home policy where people are encouraged to work from wherever they feel the most productive. When we introduced it in 2017, it was unique. Many were skeptical that the concept would work in Sri Lanka where management has generally been more conservative and hierarchical. The trust aspect in this has been highly appreciated, and something we believe is a strong enabler of a healthy work-life balance in a high-pace and often stressful industry.   

Ascentic is growing rapidly as the demand for competent IT consultants is record high in Sweden and the company increased its sales by 73% last year. But for founders Anna and Patrik, it is just as important to build a sustainable company as it is to grow. 

- We firmly believe in our values – diversity, inclusion, work-life balance and gender equality – this way we create a sustainable company and a sustainable working life for our employees. We want to be part of driving change in the IT industry! 












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