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We offer both long-term partnerships - the Extended Team model - as well as scoped projects. An Extended Team is an option for you who look for a future-proof way to fuel up your development pipeline, while a project can be the perfect way to get started.

Our Services

Setting up your team

Through the Extended Team model you work longterm with your Ascentic team, either as an integrated part of your inhouse crew or as a standalone unit. This means your team builds a deep knowledge both in your business and technical platform, enabling a closer collaboration and more technical input to your product development.

Why an Extended Team?

How to get started

Step 1


We discuss your current and future development plans, own organization, staff and processes in order to assess what team and setup will be best suited. Based on the discussion, we suggest a team that matches your organisation and business needs.

Step 2


As the team is decided we support in getting everything up and running. Depending on your current practices, we consult on tweaks needed to make the workflows as productive as possible. The work is then initiated with deep-dives into your business, technical platform and a good round of quirky team building exercises.

Step 3

Keep it flying

Once your team is up and running, we do regular check-ins to make sure things are going smoothly. Development retrospectives are held regularly and when needed other competencies are added to make sure you can turn all your development plans into reality.

Between our brackets

And we keep on exploring

Apart from our main technologies of choice, we try out new stuff through our internal projects and R&D initiatives. Want to do an R&D project of your own? Contact us and let's get cracking!

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